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This section contains collection of judgements from Slovakia, where the courts applied CISG in order to resolve a dispute. These decisions present a manner in which the Slovak courts apply CISG and to what extent the domestic law shall affect the final decision. The published judgements should help both legal scholars as well as subjects and authorities involved in application of law when trying to interpret particular provisions of the Convention by presenting the actual application and interpretation of these provisions in case law. It is necessary to stress that judgements of courts in Slovakia are not legally binding to future cases and legal consideration included in them can only be treated as a form of non-binding interpretation of the Convention. Nevertheless, courts and other authorities applying CISG should be aware of the existing case law, in order decide uniformly in similar cases and thereby to protect one of the basic principles of rule of law – legal certainty by creating an established system of practice of the courts. Furthermore, the knowledge of manner of application CISG by Slovak courts can help merchants and lawyers to predict an outcome when asserting its claims under CISG before the courts of the Slovak Republic.


Texts of the judgements are published in anonymous form, respecting privacy of persons involved in these cases and protecting their personal data. The judgements are cathegorized according to the court that issued them. If you are interested in studying the judgements according to the article of CISG they refer to, click here.



District Court Bratislava II
- judgement OS BA II from 07 November 2007, rec. no. 54Cb/111/2007



District Court Bratislava III
- judgement OS BA III from 22 May 2008, rec. no. 22Cb/269/2007



District Court Trnava
- judgement OS TT from 17 September 2008, rec. no. 9Cb/72/2007

- judgement OS TT from 17 December 2008, rec. no. 9Cb/120/2007

- judgement OS TT from 20 October 2010, rec. no. 9Cb/75/2010

- judgement OS TT from 19 May 2010, rec. no. 9Cb/169/2009

- judgement OS TT from 13 May 2010, rec. no. 15Cb/15/2009


District Court Galanta
- judgement OS GA from 15 December 2006, rec. no. 17Cb/7/2006


District Court Nitra
- judgement OS NR from 27 February 2006, rec. no.23Cb/211/2005

- judgement OS NR from 17 May 2006, rec. no. 23Cb/29/2006
- judgement OS NR from 29 May 2008, rec. no. 27Cb/129/2007
- judgement OS NR from 29 June 2006, rec. no. 27Cb/203/2005
- judgement OS NR from 27 June 2006, rec. no. 23Cb/127/2006


District Court Topolcany

 - judgement OS TO from 17 September 2008, rec. no.7Cb/82/2007


District Court Komarno
- judgement OS KN from 12 March 2009, rec. no. 5Cb/254/2008
- judgement OS KN from 24 February 2009, rec. no. 5Cb/114/2006 - final

- judgement OS KN from 24 February 2009, rec. no. 5Cb/235/2008

District Court Dunajska Streda
- judgement OS DS from 08 July 2008, rec. no. 5Cb/239/2007



District Court Banska Bystrica
- judgement OS BB from 29 April 2008, rec. no. 64Cb/114/2007

- judgement OS BB from 7 March 2008, rec. no. 64Cb/156/2007
- judgement OS BB from 22 February 2008, rec. no. 64Cb/194/2007



District Court Zvolen
- judgement OS ZV from 5 November 2009, rec. no. 16Cb/19/2009


District Court Brezno
- judgement OS BR from 18 October 2007, rec. no. 7Cb/10/2007

- judgement OS BR from 21 July 2009, rec. no. 7Cb/102/2008

- judgement OS BR from 24 June 2008, rec. no. 7Cb/212/2007


District Court Dolny Kubin
- judgement OS DK from 21 January 2008, rec. no. 5Cb/94/2007
- judgement OS DK from 21 November 2008, rec. no. 5Cb/10/2008
- judgement OS DK from 17 June 2008, rec. no. 9Cb/183/2007
- judgement OS DK from 6 December 2007, rec. no. 5Cb/68/2007

- judgement OS DK from 1 April 2010, rec. no. 9Cb/211/2007



District Court Namestovo
- judgement OS NO from 13 July 2010, rec. no. 5Cb/38/2009


District Court Bardejov
- judgement OS BJ from 09 March 2007, rec. no. 1Cb/381/2006

- judgement OS BJ from 29 October 2007, rec. no. 1Cb/282/2007

- judgement OS BJ from 5 February 2008, rec. no. 1Cb/265/2005

- judgement OS BJ from 5 February 2008, rec. no. 1Cb/266/2005 

- judgement OS BJ from 5 February 2008, rec. no. 1Cb/270/2005




Regional Court in Bratislava
- judgement KS BA from 15 December 2005, rec. no. 34CB/18/2002

- judgement KS BA from 01 February 2007, rec. no. 46CB/25/2000
- judgement KS BA from 11 October 2005, rec. no. 26CB/114/1995
- judgement KS BA from 10 October 2007, rec. no. 3Cob/102/2007



Regional Court in Nitra
- judgement KS NR from 23 June 2006, rec. no. 16Cb/119/2004

   - confirmed by judgement NS SR from 03 April 2008, rec. no. 6Obo/120/2007
- judgement KS NR from 15 October 2008, rec. no. 15Cob/140/2008
- judgement KS NR from 17 September 2007, rec. no. 16Cbm/30/2004



Regional Court in Trnava
- judgement KS TT from 12 January 2006, rec. no. 36Cbm/6/2003


Regional Court in Zilina
- judgement KS ZA from 25 October 2007, rec. no. 15Cb/10/2004

- judgement KS ZA from 04 April 2005, rec. no. 22Cb/20/2004

- judgement KS ZA from 27 June 2007, rec. no. 15Cb/14/2005

- judgement KS ZA from 10 March 2008, rec. no. 15Cb/206/2002

- judgement KS ZA from 06 March 2006, rec. no.22Cb/44/2004

- judgement KS ZA from 08 January 2007, rec. no.22Cbm/6/2004

- judgement KS ZA from 18 June 2007, rec. no.15Cb/219/1998

  - confirmed by judgement NS SR from 12 November 2008, rec. no. 3Obo/194/2007
- judgement KS ZA from 29 March 2004, rec. no.22Cbm/1/2002-127

  - cancelled by resolution NS SR from 20 October 2005, rec. no. 4Obo/219/2004
   - new judgement KS ZA from 08 January 2007, rec. no. 22Cbm/1/2002



Regional Court in Banska Bystrica
- judgement KS BB from 10 May 2006, rec. no. 49Cbm/14/2004



Regional Court in Kosice
judgement KS KE from 22 May 2007, rec. no. 6Cb/896/2000

- judgement KS KE from 28 May 2007, rec. no. 2Cob/187/2006



Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic

- judgement NS SR from 26 October 2006, rec. no. 3 Obo/247/2005
- judgement NS SR from 30 April 2008, rec. no. 1 Obdo V/89/2007
- judgement NS SR from 19 June 2008, rec. no. 6 Obo/15/2008
- judgement NS SR from 28 October 2008, rec. no. 2 Obo/250/2007
- judgement NS SR from 27 June 2007, rec. no. 2 Obo/244/2006

- judgement NS SR from 28 February 2000, rec. no. 2Cdo/114/2000

- judgement NS SR from 26 May 2006, rec. no. 4Obo/40/2005




Domestic Cases Referring to CISG

Cases published in this Section present decisions of Slovak courts in purely domestic disputes decided under domestic regulations of the Slovak Republic which nevertheless applied the CISG as a means of interpretation of the domestic law, reasoning that the regulation of sales contract prescribed in the Slovak Commercial Codes is derived from the CISG.

- judgement KS KE from 28 May 2007, rec. no. 2Cob/187/2006

- judgement KS NR from 03 November 2005, rec. no. 26Cob/108/2005
- judgement OS NR from 03 October 2006, rec. no. 27Cb/300/2000

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