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Regional Court in Bratislava


15 December 2005 [34CB/18/2002]




[slovenske znenie]


The Regional Court in Bratislava, deciding by a single judge JUDr. Helena Kosorinova, in case of Plaintiff D.E.S. [Seller], with its registered office in O.T./zone A.L – ___. W, Belgium, represented by JUDr. S.S. CSc., attorney, versus Defendant D. - M., S.r.o. [Buyer], with its registered office in B., ___, [Slovak Republic], Identification number: X, represented by attorney JUDr. J.V., regarding payment of 24,548.30 Euro [EUR] and appurtenances  


h a s   d e c i d e d   a s   f o l l o w s:


The [Buyer] is obliged to pay to the [Seller] the sum of 24,548.30 EUR and interest of 0.05 % daily:


On the sum of 4,942.96 EUR for the period from 3 October 1998 until 18 March 1999;

On the sum of 4,756.10 EUR for the period from 28 September 1998 until 18 March 1999

On the sum of 2,296.02 EUR for the period from 19 March 1999 until payment;

On the sum of 22,252.30 EUR for the period from 25 January 1999 until payment.


The court does not grant the [Seller] right to reimbursement of costs of the proceedings.




The [Seller] claimed in the proceedings by its action filed with the court on 8 April 2002 its right to payment of 990,276.- Belgian francs [Bf] as a purchase price for goods – machine technologies, invoiced by invoice no. 28220 for 216,883.-Bf due on 2 October 1998, invoice no. 28747 for 191,860.-Bf due on 27 October 1998,  invoice no. 31631 for 897,656.-Bf due on 24 January 1999. The [Buyer] ordered the goods from the [Seller] by purchase orders no. 1998-06-03, 1998-06-26, and D 051198.


The [Seller] changed its asserted claim by its motion of 22 December 2003 by re-counting it to EUR. The court upheld this motion by its resolution rec. no. 34 Cb 18/02 of 30 January 2004, coming into force on 16 February 2004.


The [Buyer] did not react to the action. The parties to the dispute expressed their will to settle the dispute by a mutual agreement. The court therefore adjourned the proceedings to provide a prescribed period of time for concluding such settlement. The court proceedings were held on 15 December 2005 in absence of the [Buyer] in accordance with sec. 101 part 2 of the Slovak Civil Procedure Code (hereinafter referred to as “CPC”). The court dismissed further motions for adjournment sent by the [Buyer] reasoned by its pending will to settle the dispute by a mutual agreement, as being unjustified.


The court gathered evidence by interrogation of the [Seller] and reading submitted documents and thereby concluded that the [Seller]’s action is justified in its entirety.


There was no dispute between the parties about the fact that upon the [Buyer]’s written purchase orders, the [Seller] delivered the machinery technologies to the [Buyer], as they were specified in invoices no. 28220, 28747 and 31631 drawn by the [Seller], which also specify the total purchase price in amount of 1,306,399.-Bf. Furthermore, there was no doubt about the fact that the [Buyer] partially paid the purchase price in three instalments, on 31 August 1997 amounting to 17,485.-Bf, on 19 March 1999 amounting to 179,138.-Bf, on 19 March 1999 amounting to 128,600.-Bf and that thereby the [Buyer] partially paid the purchase price in sum of 316,123.-Bf. The [Buyer] reacted to calls for payment of the balance sent by the [Seller] claiming its bad financial situation, economic crisis, high inflation, high interest rate for credits in Slovakia and failure of company V. to buy the goods from the [Buyer], and thus could not afford to pay the entire purchase price at once. The [Buyer] presented its intention to initially pay 100,000.-Bf and subsequently the residual 1,400,000.-Bf in smaller amounts.


The court found out by examination of the evidence that the relationship between the [Seller] and the [Buyer] shall be governed by provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods ratified in Vienna on 11 April 1990, published in Collection of Acts as no. 160/1991 Coll.


The court deemed to be proved that the contract of sale had been concluded between the parties at the moment of acceptance of the purchase orders and dispatching of the goods, with reference to the purchase orders and subsequent deliveries of the machinery technologies, as they are specified in the invoices drawn by the [Seller].


-         Under article 53 of the Convention, the buyer must pay the price for the goods and take delivery of them as required by the contract and this Convention.


-         Under article 78 of the Convention, if a party fails to pay the price or any other sum that is in arrears, the other party is entitled to interest on it, without prejudice to any claim for damages recoverable under article 74.


The [Buyer] did not prove in any way that it paid the rest of the invoiced purchase price, besides the amount mutually accepted as being paid, as is specified above. The [Buyer] did not object to the asserted claim. Its only defense was a declaration of will to settle the dispute by a mutual agreement, which was not accepted by the [Seller].


The court therefore bound the [Buyer] to pay the residual part of the purchase price, as it was asserted by the [Seller] in its action with interest of 0.05 % daily (18.25 % annually), which interest rate is not exceeding usual interest rates provided by local banks at the time of concluding of the contract. Right to interest was granted from the first day of default until payment, as it was claimed in the action.


The court decided about the reimbursement of the costs of judicial proceedings under sec. 152 part 1 CPC and did not grant reimbursement of the costs to the [Seller], since the right to reimbursement was not asserted by the [Seller].


Instruction: An appeal against this judgment must be filed via the Regional Court in Bratislava within fifteen days of its receipt.

Regional Court in Bratislava, 15 December 2005

JUDr. Helena Kosorinova, Judge

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