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Adoption of the Text

Text of CISG was adopted at the international conference held in Vienna attended by representatives of 62 states, where 42 of them approved the final text of CISG and it was signed by their plenipotentiaries on 11 April 1980. According to art. 99 part. 1 CISG: “This Convention enters into force, subject to the provisions of paragraph (6) of this article, on the first day of the month following the expiration of twelve months after the date of deposit of the tenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, including an instrument which contains a declaration made under article 92.“ As this requirement was fulfilled on 11 December 1986, CISG entered into force on 1 January 1988.


Language Versions

CISG as an international convention with potentially wide-world-effect was drafted in six language versions in order to be generally comprehensible. This fact, nevertheless, can create a problem when interpreting the Convention in accordance with its expressions and terms used therein, since there are more authentic versions of the Convention.

With regards to application of CISG by Slovak courts, it is important to mention that the grammatical method of interpretation of CISG should be performed only by examination of one of the authentic versions, which are with reference to art. 101 part 2 third sentence the Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts. It is clear that a Slovak court would primarily perform a grammatical interpretation of the version published in the Slovak Collection of Acts under no. 160/1991 Zb., since the court is bound by legal instruments published in the Collection of Acts. Although this method may seem logical and in accordance with domestic Slovak law, this interpretation can be valid only if its results do not conflict with results of interpretation of one of the authentic language versions of CISG. Therefore, when interpreting the text of CISG by a grammatical method, court should always compare the Slovak version with at least one of the authentic versions of CISG. For this reason, a bilingual text of CISG is available here.


You can also find here the official Slovak version of CISG published in Collection of Acts and the authentic English version. For other language versions, click here.

For studying particular articles of CISG, click here. 


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