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CISG Advisory Council is a private initiative of leading legal scholars in area of international sales law from all over the world which aims at promoting a uniform application of CISG in all legal cultures in accordance with article 7 CISG. It analyses the application of CISG and its particular provisions and elaborates advisory opinions about the critical issues in CISG. The Members are leading legal scholars with broad experiences with creation and application of CISG and since they represent major legal cultures, they thereby assure balance and high proficiency of the CISG Advisory Council.  


Analyses of critical issues are published in form of opinions. So far these opinions have been published:

CISG AC OPINION 1: Electronic Communications under CISG

CISG AC OPINION 2: Examination of the Goods and Notice of Non-Conformity Articles 38 and 39

CISG AC OPINION 3: Parol Evidence Rule, Plain Meaning Rule, Contractual Merger Clause and the CISG

CISG AC OPINION 4: Contracts for the Sale of Goods to Be Manufactured or Produced and Mixed Contracts (Article 3 CISG)

CISG AC OPINION 5: The buyer's right to avoid the contract in case of non-conforming goods or documents

CISG AC OPINION 6: Calculation of Damages under CISG Article 74

CISG AC OPINION 7: Exemption of Liability for Damages Under Article 79 of the CISG

CISG AC OPINION 8: Calculation of Damages under CISG Articles 75 and 76

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